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    Welcome to Kozing
    The cashiers best friend

Why using Kozing?

Great features, great product!

Register your expenses

Simply register an expense and categorize them to get a perfect overview.

Use individual account

You can also allocate the expenses to the players who participated. Choose between distributing the expenses evenly or manually.


Use your computer, mobile or tablet to enter your transactions.

Sales are now easy

Easily add your sales so parents can login and enter their order by themselves. All orders are added up, so you can send it to the supplier.

Use Stripe as your bank account

No more dubble registration. All the payments from the parents and payments to your suppliers will now be automatically in Kozing. You can easily overview your account.

Parents inlog

Now you can easily create an invitation to the players parents to join Kozing to see their childs account. No more questions about the balance.

Choose Kozing

Kozing is developed by a sports mom to all of you sports parents who understands how difficult it can be to handle the teams money.

Kozing will strive to simplify it for every parent who either is responsible for the cash or just need to see the players balance.

There is now a easy way to keep track of the money for selling products or register expenses like a cup. You can also choose to distributing the expenses evenly or manually per player.

In Kozing it is easy to perform a sales in the team by just adding what products you want to sell and letting each parent to enter their orders. Both the cashier and the parent can enter Kozing by computer, mobile or tablet.

Pricing Plans

Competitive pricing plans to suit your needs

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